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MasterSearch’s top 5 tips for changing jobs

During difficult times, you tend to see your employer’s true colours. Whether there are more disagreements, worried about growing or pushing things forward or making redundancies to keep the same profit margins during difficult times.

Here are our top 5 tips for changing positions which are applicable, not only during an industry crisis but throughout your whole career;..

Why are trust and happiness at work so important?

In days gone by, happiness and trust at work weren’t considered particularly important. Nice to have, certainly. Desired, even. But employee wellbeing and satisfaction were secondary to productivity and results.

But in the last few decades, we’ve begun to see that happiness, trust, and positive business outcomes are..

How to successfully build a company culture

Happy employees work at organisations with a strong corporate culture. They are also more productive and effective. It follows then, that building a successful company culture will benefit your bottom line. A Deloitte study found that 88% of employees agree.

Images of free breakfast and ping pong tables often come to mind whenever we talk about company culture. But building a company culture is..

What makes a great leader?

We’ve all heard the mantra that employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers. This is backed up by research: Investors in People discovered that the top five reasons employees decide to leave include management issues, feeling unvalued, and career progression. As a leader, these are all within your control.

Not all managers are good leaders. But if you get it right..

Mastering the interview process is key to a speedy and successful hire – our tips for employers

Are you an employer looking for interview tips to help you maximise the efficiency of your process? After HR or your chosen recruiter has sourced and screened promising candidates, the interview process is the ..

Which recruitment trends should you embrace and which should you ditch?

Lately, there has been a trend towards adopting new strategies when recruiting for automotive and industrial engineering.

These ideas sound..

Smarter hiring decisions for industry 4.0

Employers in the automotive and industrial engineering sectors often ask us ..

Beware the top automotive and industrial engineering recruitment challenges

The automotive industry has enjoyed significant change in recent years thanks to technological advances and innovation. Driverless cars, multi-fuel vehicles, robotics, sensors, and software were unheard of a short time ago, but are already our new reality.

It’s not surprising that, against a dynamic backdrop of transformation, old ways of doing things are no longer as effective, not least when it comes to recruiting new talent.

Industrial Automation in 2018: a year of breakthroughs

From autonomous planes, trams, and automobiles, to Olympic drones, here’s our pick of 2018’s most exciting industrial automation news...

6 reasons why making a counter offer could prove disastrous

You recruit the perfect candidate for the role, someone with a great future promise who then becomes an integral part of your company. Then you invest in their training and nurture their talent. You watch them as they grow in their career and bring value to your business. And then they hit you with a bombshell: their resignation. Should you make a counter offer?..

Accepting a counter offer – Should you stay or should you go?

You’ve decided to accept a highly attractive offer for a position with a new employer and in the process of resigning you receive a counter offer from your current firm. Should you take it?..

5 secrets about working with cobots

Cobots, also known as ‘collaborative robots’, are the new generation of robots. They are complex systems involving sensors, software, and imaging tools which allow them to share a number of tasks with human co-workers...

Industry 4.0 jobs being replaced by machines isn’t a myth

Cobots, also known as ‘collaborative robots’, are the new generation of robots. They are complex systems involving sensors, software, and imaging tools which allow them to share a number of tasks with human co-workers...

How MasterSearch empowers clients to make the right recruitment decisions

Rhys Masterson, Managing Director and Founder of automotive and engineering recruitment agency MasterSearch, talks about his motivations, challenges, and company values...

Why IoT will fail

Why IoT will fail...or will it? Exploring key challenges facing IoT & IIoT, MasterSearch presents solutions which will help this dynamic industry succeed.

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