Accepting a counter offer – Should you stay or should you go?

should you accept a counter offer

You’ve decided to accept a highly attractive offer for a position with a new employer and in the process of resigning you receive a counter offer from your current firm. Should you take it?


Accepting a counter offer is tantamount to winning the battle but losing the war. Yes, there is undoubtedly some thrill in the moment but it will be short-lived. In the long run, accepting the counter offer is actually the more costly option. Here’s why;


  1. Your employer is now aware that you are willing to leave. From this day on, your loyalty will always be in question.


  1. The circumstances which caused you to consider a move are still there – and will probably continue to escalate over the coming months.


  1. When that next promotional opportunity arises, your employer will remember who they think was loyal and who wasn’t.


  1. When times become tough, your employer may begin the cutbacks with you.


  1. Accepting a counter offer is sending a message that you can be bought.


  1. Where is the money for this counter offer coming from? Why did your company not present it to you earlier if you were performing at the top of your grade? Is your next raise being delivered early?


  1. Your company may immediately start looking to replace you at a cheaper price.


  1. Statistics show that if you accept a counter offer, the probability that you will still leave voluntarily within 6 months or be let go within a year is extremely high.


  1. Once the word gets out, the relationships that you now enjoy with your colleagues may never be the same.


  1. Do you really want to work for a company that requires you to threaten to resign in order to compensate you for what you are worth?


Once you decide to move and accept an offer, keep moving forward. There is no value in turning back.

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