MasterSearch’s top 5 tips for changing jobs

During difficult times, you tend to see your employer’s true colours. Whether there are more disagreements, worried about growing or pushing things forward or making redundancies to keep the same profit margins during difficult times.

Here are our top 5 tips for changing positions which are applicable, not only during an industry crisis but throughout your whole career;

1. What is making you unhappy?

Is this the management style / culture?

Is it the position itself?

Is it the industry?

2.Work out what you really want…

What are you missing in your current role?

Do you want to be left alone to work by yourself or be part of a collaborative environment?

3. Research the industries / companies you want to be a part of…

Check it is the right area of business for you

Upon further inspections do these companies seem as good as you think

Is this industry financially safe / are the companies financially safe?

4. Network…

Do you know anyone in your target industry or company?

Start building connections within the industry and keep up to date with what they post on platforms like LinkedIn

5. Find a World-class talent provider to support you…

Speak with Recruiters who work within the industry and have an overview (they will be happy to speak and share their experiences on the market at the moment)

Find your favourite one and ask them to introduce you to customers who are hiring as this always helps your profile get in front of the right people!

Looking for your next career change or even just some support in whether you are making the right decision or not?  Take a look at our latest job vacancies, call MasterSearch on +44 207 101 9623 or email

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