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Automotive engineering recruitment agency


Rhys Masterson, Managing Director and Founder of automotive and engineering recruitment agency MasterSearch, talks about his motivations, challenges, and company values.

I began my career in property, working my way up very quickly and winning multiple awards. Automotive and engineering recruitment agency ChapmanBlack reached out to me just as I was searching for a new challenge. This was my first taste of recruitment.

At heart, I am a technology and innovation lover. I have a keen eye for the latest gadgets and what Elon Musk and similar innovators are up to. From the massive advances made in electric cars to the Internet of Things and potential moon launches, it all fascinates me.

Working so closely with clients at the forefront of this industry was a real eye-opener. I am still close to the action, working with a lot of clients within similar industries.


Automotive engineering recruitment agency

At MasterSearch, we’re not numbers people

The more I worked in this industry, the more I began to have alternative ideas about how an automotive and engineering recruitment agency should work.

Creating my own company within this field was a natural progression.

For me, it’s critical that everyone – employees, clients, and candidates – is treated as more than just a number.

I cherry-pick clients with whom I can foster long-lasting relationships, rather than spread myself thin over a large client base. This allows me to really get to know each individual client and candidate so I can identify the best fit, and do them the justice they deserve when I speak to the other party.


Automotive engineering recruitment agency

Hiring made easy

One HR Manager commented that their experience with MasterSearch was ‘by far one of the quickest recruitment processes we have worked on’.

But it is combining speed with accuracy that really sets us apart from other automotive and engineering recruitment agencies. A boxer could be the fastest puncher in the world, but if they can’t hit the target, they’ll never win.

To make my clients’ job easier, I send a small, highly-curated shortlist of candidates. This means they don’t need to wade through a longer list to discover the gems.

In the words of another HR Manager, ‘MasterSearch handled and managed the recruitment process, taking a lot of stress away from us.’


Automotive engineering recruitment agency

MasterSearch’s small size means we can quickly adapt to the market

As a smaller company, MasterSearch is able to really get to know our clients. We can provide a consistent level of communication and commitment.

Similarly, no one can know everything in this industry, so it’s a constant learning process. You never stand still.

Having an overview of the market is vitally important, and this has been picked up by our clients. One HR Manager recently commented that they were ‘always impressed by Rhys’ professional attitude, market overview, speed, and quality of talented candidates he presents for our demanding technical roles.’

We have the freedom to create a tailor-made service for each client, depending on their preferences and situation.

One quarter, the client may need sales people, another quarter it might be engineers. Regular check-ins help us understand precisely our clients’ needs.

Having regular catch up calls helps us to not only increase our closing rate but to continue providing the very best service to our clients.

These strengths and values will be fundamental as we start to grow the MasterSearch team in the close future.

Looking for your next job in the Automation and Automotive field? Take a look at our latest job vacancies, call MasterSearch on +44 207 101 9623 or email

Or are you an employer looking for a worldclass automotive engineering recruitment agency with a knack for making its clients’ job easier? Get in touch on the number or email above.

MasterSearch specialises in placing candidates in the European Industrial Automation and Automotive market. Our candidates and clients are never just a number: we use our honesty and openness to build strong, long-lasting relationships. Specialising in this industry means we are uniquely placed to continually adapt to changes in this fast-paced and innovative market.


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